ZAMBIA – A 38 year old woman of of Njeke village, Namatindi area in Kalabo District in Western Province in Zambia has given birth to 2 live snakes after a named Lusaka famous prophet told her she would conceive and give birth to twins baby boys before the end of 2020.
Local media reports indicate that after being frustrated of having 8 daughters without a son, Inutu Nyambe Sitali visited and planted a seed of K5,000 to Prophet Power One of Lusaka on 10th January this year who prayed for her and assured her that she would get pregnant and give birth to male twins before the end of this year. And true to the prophetic declarations, within a month, Mrs Sitali got pregnant and her scan results kept confirming twins but fainted with shock after delivering two big snakes on Saturday 26th December 2020. Mr Amos Sitali the husband to the woman and father of all 8 daughters said he is shocked with what his wife has delivered especially that the couple had to pay another K5,000 to the prophet in August since his wife was to give birth to twins.
“Am shocked, I don’t know what to say. I had to pay the prophet K10,000 for male twins”, he said
while shading tears. Mr Sitali wondered where the snakes would have come from when the scan kept showing male twins.
The two snakes have since been burnt by village elders who described it a taboo. Sad!
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