Malawi Police Service (MPS) has dismissed allegations that a Police Mobile Service officer shot a student from The Polytechnic,Blessings Nyondo, on December 31.

MPS has further clarified that the alleged bullet was taken by a security guard who was on duty and was on his way to Malawi Broadcasting Corporation offices.

National Police Spokesperson, James Kadadzera says Nyondo allegedly came inside a car which carried an MPS officer and the MBC security guard.

According to Kadadzera, while asking for help from the officers, saying he was fleeing from robbers, Nyondo allegedly tried to snatch a gun from the officers.

Amid the chaos, Kadadzera says the student was then shot at by the security guard with a pump gun that uses pellet bullets.

Kadadzera has further said investigations are underway regarding the incident.

The family of the student, who expressed their concerns that he was shot at ‘mistakenly,’ has since refused to make further comments, saying their concern at the moment is Nyondo’s recovery.

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