Ethiopian police have released Reuters cameraman Kumerra Gemechu after detaining him without charge for 12 days, Reuters reports.

Police had told his lawyer Melkamu Ogo that their lines of inquiry included accusations of disseminating false information, communicating with groups fighting the government, and disturbing the public’s peace and security.

However, Mr Melkamu said he had seen no evidence.

Reuters Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler said he was “delighted” he had been released.

“His release today affirms he has done nothing wrong,” he said in a statement.

Mr Kumerra, 38, covered the conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region and he had worked freelance as a cameraman for Reuters for almost a decade.

His detention came almost two weeks after two Ethiopian police officers assaulted Reuters photographer Tiksa Negeri, the agency added.

The government has previously denied it is clamping down on press freedom.

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