UPDATE| Woman Speaks Out After Daughter’s Corpse Was Defiled By Stranger


Epworth woman, whose daughter’s corpse was defiled by a drunk stranger, has finally spoken out following the dreadful incident.

Speaking during an interview with a local publication, New Zimbabwe Philipa Mazhindu (47) revealed that she believes the bizarre act was done for ritual purposes as mysterious objects were found inside Bigman’s pockets.

Mazhindu added that it was enough trauma to lose her daughter and it pained her to be subjected to such a bizarre experience.

“How will I manage to live with this kind of trauma! I suspect these men had a ritual intention because when Bigman was searched by neighbors who came to my rescue, they discovered a dead rat, red cloth, and a plant root in his pockets,” she said.

Narrating her harrowing ordeal, Philipa revealed that on the 2nd of January Bigman, along with his friend, are reported to have been both drinking beer and smoking cigarettes when they stormed Melisa Mazhindu’s funeral wake. Bigman is alleged to have revealed that he used to love the deceased woman and regrets that she died before they had sexual intercourse.

After uttering vulgar words, Bigman is alleged to have proceeded to perform a sexual act with the corpse.

“He then said that even if she was dead, there would be nothing wrong with him fulfilling his desires.

“He proceeded to uncover the corpse, which was lying in the room, slept on top of it, and made up and down movements simulating sex whilst his friend blocked us from interfering,” she said.

He only stopped after he was reprimanded by some of the mourners.

“He even said even if people beat him up for his actions, he had already accomplished his mission,” added Mazhindu.

Bigman and his friend have since been arrested after a police report was made.

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