Video Of Actors Refusing To Stop K!ssing And T0uching Each Other On Set After The Director Said “Cut”

I now understand why a lot of people are into acting even though they didn’t have passion for it. People are into acting for money, some got in for the fame whilst others got in because of the romance and k!ssing in acting.

In a video-monitored by faceofmalawi saw an actress and an actor in a swimming pool, the director asked them to k!ss and be t0uching each other but surprisingly they refused to stop k!ssing and t0uching themselves even when the director said cut.

The two of them enjoyed, the director then gave them a warning not to take it personally but to take it seriously. They didn’t mind him, they kept on enjoying themselves by k!ssing and t0uching each other in the swimming pool.

Watch the video below;

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