Made possible through a combination of multiple technological advancements, pursuing a nursing degree online is not only more accessible, but it has also been developed and improved to perfection. Local students should think about taking advantage of the technology to pursue accredited nursing programs online from international nursing schools. To know how and why that can be more beneficial than local alternatives, students need to be aware of the following.

International Nursing Degrees are Respected All Over the World

A local nursing qualification might be valid only locally or in some other nearby countries at best. An international certificate in nursing, on the other hand, will be respected, valued and preferred pretty much all over the world. This increases the student’s future employability and career growth opportunities as a nurse.

International Jobs Pay Much Better

If a student can complete a CCNE accredited degree, they can seek employment as a nurse in the US. Not only does it open up their life to working and living in the United States, but the pay difference is huge as well. For example, the average salary of a working nurse in Malawi is about MWK 1,908,000 per year, which comes to roughly USD 2,470 or less per year. In comparison, even entry level nurses earn more than $50,000 per year, with highly qualified nurses earning more than $100,000 per year.

As should be easy to imagine, the difference between the pay scales is so massive that every aspiring nurse should at least try to get a degree that’s internationally valid. As an extremely important warning, it must be mentioned that there is no shortage of fraudulent websites and useless degrees that promise the world to unsuspecting students. Always check for accreditation, reputation and reviews before joining any online nursing course. While the dream of working in better conditions is up for grabs, there are also scam sites who leverage that dream to lure students out of their life savings.

There is a Very Real Shortage of Nurses in Many Parts of the Developed World

The coronavirus simply made the truth evident to a larger number of people than before, but the shortage of available nurses in many parts of the developed world is not a new development at all. Nevertheless, due to the present emergency conditions, that previous deficit in nursing capacity is being felt every single day. By pursuing an internationally accredited nursing degree, it is possible for aspiring and working nurses to fill some of the gaps in other nations. Along with massive pay bumps, what it also signifies is the fact that international certifications for nursing practice makes local nurses more employable in other countries as well. In other words, hospitals and healthcare units are always looking for young talents to recruit from any part of the world, provided that they really do have the talent and nursing qualifications necessary for the job.

Even Aspiring Nurses Can Pursue Online Education for an International Degree in Nursing

It is preferable if you already have experience and training as a professional nurse, but it is also possible to get an online nursing degree for non nurses with schools like Baylor University, and it is an opportunity that can be pursued internationally, although that is subjective. More details about the opportunities and scopes of post-baccalaureate nursing programs can be checked out by visiting the website linked above.

Local Nurses with International Training Earn More

If a local nurse has completed an advanced level nursing program from one of the reputed and accredited international nursing schools, they don’t necessarily have to shift to another nation for earning more. Of course, the pay is always going to be a lot higher if they can shift to a European or North American nation, but even locally, their added experience, training and qualifications are likely to land them leadership positions and pay boosts at local hospitals and healthcare centers.

Better Education for Improving the Standard of Healthcare Locally

As highly qualified nurses are likely to be given leadership and administrative positions in healthcare, they can use their knowledge, experience and training to help alleviate and improve patientcare locally. At that point, it is not just about the pay checks anymore, but about improving the standards of local healthcare as best as possible. International education and work experience can help nurses achieve excellent results for their own localities; something that would not be possible if they did not know how the most advanced healthcare systems in the world work.

The Power of Choice

As previously mentioned, there are certainly scam sites and useless degrees out there, pretending to be the best nursing programs online. However, they can be quite easily weeded out by checking their accreditation claims against the actual accreditation boards. The good news is that there is no shortage of legitimate choices either. Some may be better and more reputed than others, but all verified international nursing degrees will boost a local nurse’s career growth opportunities to at least some degree. The most important factor here is that students have a choice to pick from a whole range of online nursing programs.

One may argue that local, offline choices are also vast in some nations, but that may not always be true for every nation. Even if it is true for a particular nation, it is unlikely that they are all situated near the student’s home. On the other hand, every online international program is always going to remain accessible from the student’s home computer, smartphone or tablet, irrespective of their geographic location.

It cannot be denied that even online international nursing school is not cheap, but considering how much can be saved by being able to avoid the cost of frequent flights, rent, living expenses, etc. which come with physically going to a different nation and studying there, online programs do offer a more practical and affordable deal. You may still have to fly to the university a few times to complete your nursing practicals, but as compared to full time courses, the cost is almost negligible. Also, online courses are, by default, more affordable than their traditional variants.

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