Covid-19 Scare; HDRC Asks Govt To Close Schools, Boarders


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) is calling on government to implement stiff measures in order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus which has already claimed two cabinet ministers of the Tonse Alliance administration today.

Sidik Mia who was Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president and Minister of Transport and Public Works and Lingson Belekanyama who was Minister of Local Government and Rural Development have died today.

HRDC through a press statement has asked government to ensure that there is a total enforcement of the Covid-19 guidelines that were gazetted by the Ministry of Health and the Covid-19 Presidential Taskforce.

According to HRDC there should a mandatory of wearing face masks, maintaining social distance, washing and hand sanitizing “must be enforced even if it means forcibly so.”

HRDC stressed that “we need government to enforce without fear, the 100 people gathering.”

The Coalition has also suggested that it is time government should revisit the 100 people ban nd have it reduced.

Adding to that the human rights grouping has also called on government to have the schools closed completely in order to ensure the safety of students and their parents. Adding to that HRDC also proposed that bars must be closed completely.

“Schools and bars must be closed, the new wave and stain of Covid-19 is affecting all age groups in equal measures. Schools must be closed now,” reads the statement.

Adding to that, HRDC has also proposed that boarders and airport must be closed suggesting that only essentials should be allowed to pass through.

“In the same breath, we call upon authorities to make sure that institutional quarantine is enforced at any cost,” HRDC said.

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