A well known and respected bishop in Zambia last Friday caused laughter in Ndola High Court when he said he was forced to sleep with his married church member 8 times because she had confessed to him during one on one prayers that her husband was failing to satisfy her in bed.

This is in a matter where Bishop Donald Chirambo of Ndola’s Beacon of Hope Tabernacle Church has been sued for adultery by Mr Christopher Mulenga (one of his 8 church elders) after he was caught red handed with his wife Suzen Mwansa in a named guest house in Kitwe.

In this matter, Bishop Chirambo is alleged to have an adulterous relationship with a married congregant. He said he did not want to waste court’s time and admitted sleeping with the married woman but said he only did her 8 times of which he now regrets.

Ironically, the bishop is married to Madam Rufaro Mwila whom he calls First Lady of his church.

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