A South African man got the shock of his life after he arrived at his father’s house only to discover lions outside the house.

In the video that was uploaded online, the lazing lions can be seen sleeping, grooming, and patrolling on the porch.

The only thing separating them from the human inside the house is a glass door. Thankfully, once the lions clock that they’ve got company, they decide to keep themselves to themselves – with a few playful frolics thrown in for good measure.

David de Beer is the owner of Davon Construction. He captured the breathtaking footage, and uploaded it Facebook earlier this week.

“So we arrive at my Father’s house (that’s for sale) on Leadwood Estate in Hoedspruit today – only to find someone else has already moved in….”

David de Beer


Hoedspruit is a town situated at the foot of the Klein Drakensberg, in the Limpopo province. It nestles serenely on the railway line from Tzaneen to Kaapmuiden.

It’s at the heart of South Africa’s wildest open plains, and locals are no strangers to seeing one of the ‘Big 5’ roaming. However, encountering a whole pride of lions in your garden is wholly unique.


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