The Center for Democracy and Economic Development Initiative (CDEDI) has called on President Lazarus Chakwera to step down for admitting that his administration will not be able to fulfil some of its campaign promises made ahead of June 23, 2020 due to the global pandemic Coronavirus.

Yesterday, during the Presidential National Address, Chakwera said for now the country’s priority has been shifted to the fight against Coronavirus which has made government to put on hold some of the campaign promises.

CDEDI, through its press statement signed by executive Director Sylvester Namiwa, said Chakwera publicly confessed that he made false campaign promises just to be voted into the high office of the presidency hence their demand to see Chakwera out of office.

“CDEDI and indeed all well-meaning Malawians had a shock of their lives on Sunday night, 17th of January 2021 when President Chakwera, during his address to the nation, shamelessly told Malawians that the Tonse Alliance campaign promises were made on assumptions and conditions that no longer hold,” reads part of the statement.

According to CDEDI, the remarks made by Chakwera is “highly insensitive, careless, irresponsible and a futile attempt to dupe Malawians.”

CDEDI further reminded Chakwera that the Court Sanctioned Fresh Presidential Elections were held when the country was already experiencing the first wave of the virus adding that it might contribute to their victory of the polls due to the promises they were making regarding ways to halt the spread of the virus hence they should not use it as an excuse of failing to implement some of the campaign promises.

“In fact one of the reasons the Tonse Alliance was ushered into government was a promise they made to contain the further spread of the pandemic and cushion the poor whom they claimed were left out in the response by the previous regime,” CDEDI added.

Namiwa further added it was to the knowledge of Chakwera and his deputy Saulos Chilima that the country had been hit with the global pandemic as both of them were being seen wearing face masks when attending court hearings of the infamous presidential elections case.

CDED added that they feel being vindicated when they said that Malawians were sold a dummy following the speech delivered by Chakwera last night.

“Chakwera’s sentiments on Sunday night, 17th January 2021 clearly vindicate CDEDI’s earlier stand that Malawians were on June 23, 2020 sold a dummy as barely six months in office, Dr. Chakwera has backtracked on almost all his flagship campaign promises, including that of ensuring that the poor were protected from the shocks of the strict COVID-19 preventive measures by way of providing them with safety nets,” the statement reads.

CDED has therefore said that Tonse Alliance partners are liars which cannot be trusted with the responsibility to make decisions on behalf of 18 plus millions Malawians as they have “shamelessly” proven that they cannot be taken for their word.

“This is contrary to section 12 of the Republican Constitution that emphasizes on trust between those in authority and those that are being governed. Breach of trust is enough reason for the President to step down, with immediate effect,”

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