ZAMBIA – A 3-year-old girl has been accidentally hacked to death by her 5-year-old male cousin as the two were playing with a hoe in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province in Zambia.
The incident happened yesterday as the two juveniles were playing behind their house with a hoe.
Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Lizzie Machina said the 5-year-old boy was digging the ground, the hoe accidentally bounced and hacked the victim who at the time of the accident was running towards the direction of the hoe, causing her to sustain a deep cut on the head.
She said the victim was immediately rushed to Katozi Clinic in an unconscious state where she was pronounced dead.
Ms. Machina said Police have since compiled a docket to enhance an inquest and a smooth deposition of the matter before court.
She said this is because the perpetrator is a minor who cannot be held liable for a criminal offence.
“The Department of social welfare has since been engaged to counsel parents of the accused juvenile and help him get over the trauma of accidentally causing the death of his cousin,” she added.
Ms. Machina has since advised parents to watch over their children whenever they are handling dangerous articles lawfully placed in their custody such as hoes or medicine in a bid to avoid such fatal accidents from happening.
She said it is very unfortunate that a young life has been lost in such a sudden and unnatural circumstances.
Source: Zambia Reports
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