Not adhering to newly gazzeted Covid-19 guidelines has left a number of people injured in Lilongwe after they received a beating from Malawi Police Service (MPS) officers.

This follows the government’s directive that wearing of Masks should be mandatory and that law enforces should ensure that the newly gazzeted Covid-19 guidelines are being adhered to by the citizenry.

Over 10 people have been injured by the Malawi Police officers who went around the city of Lilongwe beating people for not wearing masks yesterday.

As one way of enforcing covid19 measures, police officers have been going round cities arresting and beating people not adhering to the measures.

On Thursday, there was a fracas in Lilongwe as police engaged in a fight with pedestrians and minibus drivers.

The fracas led to some minibus drivers being severely wounded by whips which were unleashed on them.

So far, over 100 people have been arrested for breaching the Covid19 rules.

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