ZAMBIA – A 21 year old beautiful married woman in Lusaka has been impregnated by her neighbor after she failed to pay back K20 credit and decided to square it off with s_x.
“My husband is still abroad for peace keeping mission”, she told the court.
Mrs Melody Nalwamba Mwale narrated in the Matero Local Court that her married neighbour Gabriel Siwale aged 30, had given her K20 on credit which she failed to pay back in good time and ended up sleeping with him to pay it off but unfortunately she got pregnant before her husband (Edgar Mwale a police officer) could return from peace keeping mission abroad.
“This man is married, I am not happy that he impregnated me over a K20 despite knowing that am also married. He has ruined my marriage and he is refusing to accept responsibility”, Melody told the court as she shaded tears.
Ironically, Melody who is now 5 months pregnant by another man over a K20, has been receiving her husband’s fully salary every month and the court wondered why she decided to sleep with another man over a small credit.
Mrs Mwale has a 2 year old child with her husband who is still abroad for peace keeping mission but decided to sleep with her hubby’s best friend when she got broke and ended up pregnant.

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