In a bid to ensure compliance of road traffic regulations in the city of Blantyre especially among riders of motorcycles commonly known as Kabanza, traffic police officers have impounded 102 unregistered and uninsured motor bikes.

In the exercise which has been on going since December 2020, traffic police officers have been impounding the said bikes for continued violation of road traffic regulations on the city’s roads.

Common violations include: riding unregistered, uninsured, without driving license, exceeding seating capacity and without crush helmets.

In the past, those found in contravention of road traffic regulations were being charged to pay fines of different magnitudes but after paying, nothing changed on the road.

As a deterrent measure, those whose motorcycles have been impounded will be required to get back their bikes upon production of a Certificate of Registration from the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) and a Certificate of Insurance from a recognized Insurance firm.

This is to ensure compliance and adherence of relevant laws on our roads which has the potential to reduce traffic accidents.

Of the 102 motorcycles, 57 were impounded by Blantyre Police, 15 Mirale, 12 Soche, 7 Chirimba, 6 Chilomoni and 5 Manase Police Unit.

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