WhatsApp has launched an official account on its status platform within the mobile messaging app.

The status update can be viewed by all WhatsApp users and includes a reminder of WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy.

In the status, it reads ” WhatsApp is now on status! We’ll let you know about new features and updates here.”

It reminded users that of its commitment to users privacy.

“WhatsApp cant read or listen to your personal conversations as they are end to end encrypted. Stay tuned for more updates!”

Concerns emerged over the New Year when popular messaging app WhatsApp announced changes to its privacy policy.

Social media was suddenly plagued with alarmist warnings that the changes would be bad for WhatsApp users.

The App was forced to explain itself over the recent updates that received a backlash from users.

The social media platform had said that it would introduce new terms by February 8, 2020, which included letting Facebook and its subsidiary companies collect their data.

But this information saw many users migrating to other platforms such as Signal, Telegram among others.


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