A junior police officer had the tables turned against him when his superiors arrested him for breaking the lockdown curfew after he attempted to file a police report alleging that he was assaulted during a beer binge.

According to reports, after his arrest, Constable Patrick Phiri who is stationed at Ngundu police station in Chivi, Masvingo province was dragged to court where he appeared before Chivi magistrate Kudzai Dhemba.

He is facing charges of contravening the Covid-19 induced lockdown restrictions, which prohibit the gathering of people at public places, and a curfew restricting movement from 6 pm to 6 am.

He pleaded not guilty and was remanded out of custody to 20 February.

The State, represented by Caroline Tafira told the court that on 10 January this year, and at around 10 pm, Phiri together with other patrons who are yet to be arrested, was drinking beer binge at Moyo Night Club located at Ngundu business center.

The court heard that during the drinking spree, an altercation broke out between Phiri and another patron, Promise Manzanga. Manzanga went on to assault Phiri.

After receiving a thorough beating, Phiri rushed to Ngundu police station to file an assault report, but his superiors would have none of it and arrested him for violating the strict lockdown restrictions reintroduced early last month.

Bar and night clubs are not allowed to operate during the lockdown meant to control the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

The publication had also reported that following an infidelity argument that went sour, a 29-year-old female police officer allegedly scalded her husband who is a pastor with hot water.

Constable Yvonne Kufakunesu stationed at Masvingo Central police station this week appeared before a Chivi magistrate  Kudzai Dhemba facing domestic violence charges.

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