By Orchestra Kamanga

After seeing the Financial gaps that many people have in the country, GBlue Birds Financial Services has established the company which is training people on how to borrow money from the lending institutions like Banks, FINCA PRIDE among others.

Speaking in an interview, the company’s Credit Officer Goodson Greengle Phiri said the Film started with three reasons, one being filling the financial gaps among Malawians who lack knowledge on how to borrow money from Banks.

“As a company our main focus is to civic educate people on their illiteracy on financial services. We came in Malawi to eradicate poverty in line with government,” he said.

Phiri said they want to civic educate masses to pay bank loans after borrowing from lending institution.

“We also civic educate them on how to create wealth without depending on herbs from Traditional leaders,” he said.

He observed that banks favoured borrowing money to people who works for government unlike those who works in private companies and organizations.

“We are bridging the gaps in financial covers as government fails to provide loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the MEDEF had died in natural death,” he said.

some of the services they offer

Phiri further said their plans has been affected by Covid-19 Pandemic because they planned to go to Primary, Secondary, Colleges and Universities to train them on financial services. According to Phiri, they have asked government to make Business studies and Accounting Studies to be compulsory to reduce financial illiteracy rate.

The company which is located along Zalewa Road in Downstairs building opposite Little Champs Secondary School offers Financial Auditing, Business consultancy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing , Salary preparation for companies, Taxation in partnership, just to mention but a few.


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