South African man met the fate of his life after his wife bewitched him with bees on his hand for cheating.

Amos cheated on her pregnant wife with a colleague and when she found out about it she told him he would regret ever cheating on him because he will humiliate him and make him the talk of the Town just like he did to her by betraying her.

Progress left him and went back to Zimbabwe and shortly after that Amos was attacked by a swamp of bees that nested on his arms and refused to leave.

He tried everything to get ride of them, he tried visiting a powerful witch doctor but this curse was too strong for him and he couldn’t remove them.

Burning them and poring water on them only made things worse because they would sting him and few would die.

Amos has accepted his faith to live his entire life with the bees unless he find some help.

He lost his job and now leaves with his mother and is known as the bee man as they never leave his side.

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