By Robert Kumwenda

The Covid 19 pandemic is said to have affected SS Rent A Car business by almost ninety five percent.

Sam Singh who is the managing Director for the company said they are struggling because business has gone down since people are not travelling as they used to because other business are also affected as well.

“We have reduced prizes as one way of attracting customers to attract more people. But still we are surviving because of the other different kind of businesses that we have,” he said.

He said they have filling stations and other properties and they are also doing business in the tourism industry.

Singh has since asked government to reduce taxes and access to free interest loans like what other countries are doing like South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America and Egypt.

The SS Rent A Car Managing Director said these countries have also reduced corporate tax not only the VAT saying that levy must also be reduced and licenses must be wavered on tourism because in 2020 there was no business.

Commenting on the Covid 19 vaccine which government is yet to receive, he said it is not a cure as it only helps the infected persons not to suffer much.

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