While cultivating their field,  a 75-year-old man from West Nicholson in Matabeleland South Province allegedly killed his wife for calling him lazy.

According to reports, Phineas Vhuku who is married to Shingairai Vhuku (71) of Village 15 Bwana area under chief Marupi, was working in the fields when he (Phineas) told his wife that he was tired and wanted to rest.

It was reported that his wife shouted at him and accused him of being lazy leading to an altercation.

It is alleged that in the heat of anger, the husband sustained a deep cut after he was struck on the back once with a hoe by his wife.

It is further alleged that the husband grabbed the hoe, threw it at his wife and it hit her with the sharp side at the back of her head. She sustained a deep cut.

Their son in law separated the fighting couple before they both went to the Masase police base to get a police report so that they could be attended to at the health center.

They were referred to Masase hospital and were later transferred to Gwanda Provincial Hospital.
The husband was discharged after receiving treatment while the wife was transferred to Mpilo Central Hospital as her condition was not improving.

She died on 1 February leading to the arrest of her husband.

Matabeleland South Police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the murder case which occurred on Monday last week.

“We appeal to members of the public to refrain from violence and try to tolerate each other. A life has been lost over a very petty issue which could have been solved without violence,” she said.

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