By Saidi Winnes

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi(APAM ) has bemoaned the current Tonse led-administration for failure to meet the demands of Persons with Albinism(PWAs) as promised way back during the campaign trail from 2019 to 2020.

APAM has disclosed this in a press statement issued yesterday and signed by its President Ian Desmond Simbota.

The Association has insinuated that is not blind to the promises made to her members during the campaign trail.

” It was a sigh of relief to PWAs when they were sold these promises.However, it has turned out that PWAs were sold an empty basket.It is on record that the State President Dr.Lazarus Chakwera promised that all attacks and cases against PWAs will end within a month into his office.He also promised to institute a Commission of Inquiry within first hundred days into power to discover the market for the bones of PWAs. APAM wonders if the promised one month and 100 days are not over” Statement reads.

” APAM raises red flags on Government of Malawi’s ineptitude and gross negation, given the statutory and constitutional duty it bears in the protection and defence of all her citizens including PWAs to the extent that they are being hunted and slaughtered like animals.APAM is calling upon Government of Malawi to rise from their feet and deliver. APAM would like to remind Government Officials the campaign promises that persuaded Malawians in general, and PWAs in particular,to usher them into Government, APAM is not blind to the promises made to her members” statement further reads.

APAM has commended Malawi Police Service(MPS) for their quick response to the matter of Saidi Daiton in Mangochi but the Association says it still feels that the Executive is not on top things and is not demonstrating leadership thereby leaving the lives of PWAs to chances of life or death.

APAM has therefore given Government an ultimatum of 30 days,citing eleven grounds that it is seeking immediate action, which among them include; completing of all cases against persons with albinism, conducting functional review of Department of Disability and supporting all victims and survivors of attacks.

APAM has further warned Government that failure to address their concerns within the given days, unspecified action will be taken.

Since last year,the Association of Persons with Albinism(APAM)has received numerous cases on the attacks and killings of Persons with Albinism(PWAs) which include the recent saga in Mangochi of 24-year-old boy Saidi Daiton.

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