Valentine’s Day, although meant to spread love can be very overwhelming for those going through tough heartbreaks or probably spent a good part of the year single.

All week long couples on social media show off their partners accompanied with sweet messages not to mention the big day that will have the streets covered in red flowers and love.

If you are lucky to have caring friends, you might get a message of love thrown your way, if not here are some ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single:

1. Organize a secret Santa with your single friends

Since you might all not have special people to spend the day with or to spoil with gifts, you might as well spoil one another. You can randomly choose a friend to gift and on the D-day meet, drink and exchange gifts. It might not be the Valentines experience you were hoping for but at least you won’t feel left out.

2. Make it your Valentine’s day

Instead of mopping over your relationship and hating on the season of love, you can organize a sleepover with your girlfriends and talk about your love lives, eat and watch love films. You might all wish for a different experience but at least you won’t be lonely.

3. Take advantage of couple deals

During this period a lot of hotels and spas have offers going on for couples to explore, grab a friend and take advantage of some of these offers. Go for the free spa days and slashed room prices and enjoy your staycation instead of staying home, alone.

4. Take a road trip

If you can go home and see your friends or family, the better for you. Take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the city and visit the country side, you will not only spend your weekend with familiar faces but you will be distracted from your loneliness.

5. Reward yourself with random acts of kindness

There is nothing as rewarding as helping those in need. Instead of staying home and having your emotions run high, you could take time out and visit an orphanage or the street children and buy them food and clothes. You might not feel special but at least you will have made someone’s day.

5. Spoil yourself

Last but not least, always remember nobody can love you more than you can love yourself. Make Valentine’s Day the day you celebrate your life, achievements and appreciate the challenges you have had to overcome. Go to your favourite restaurant have an expensive dinner and just celebrate you.

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