IN a scheme to hide her boyfriend’s identity in her mobile phone, a married woman allegedly saved his number under a term ‘amalasha’, which in Bemba language means charcoal.

The code name assigned by Faith Musenge, 30, was decoded by her husband, Kelly Chisunka, 36, after their marital dispute culminated into a divorce in the Kabushi Local Court.

Their quarrel over the paternity of their firstborn child opened a pandora’s box after Chisunka accused his wife of accepting support for the child from him and another man.
He said his wife was fond of leaving the house without telling him where she was going and would return after some days.

“I have never been happy in this marriage. She has cheated on me several times with different men and saves her boyfriends on the phone with funny names like amalasha. I need my peace that is why I also agree to this divorce,” he said

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