In a rather sad incident, a 14-year old girl was literally thrown from the pan straight into the fire after a tenant raped her, and when she reported the matter to her family, she was met with the same fate this time at the hands of her uncle.

According to a report by B Metro, the form two teenage girl in Zimbabwe was first raped by a 21-year old tenant in December last year and when she sought help from her family, her 25-year old uncle took advantage of the girl’s predicament and also raped her.

The names of the suspects have been withheld in order to protect the minor girl.

On the first incident in December 2020, it is alleged that the tenant knocked on the bedroom door where the victim and two other minor children were sleeping, intending to buy some cigarettes.

Circumstances are that when the girl opened the door she invited the tenant into the bedroom while she served him with the cigarettes.

The tenant is alleged to have grabbed the girl by the waist and laid her on the bed and asked to have sexual intercourse with her a request the girl refused.

The man then forcibly took off the girl’s clothes and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her once.

The dejected girl narrated her heartwrenching order to her family on the 31st of January this year and her uncle reportedly took her aside saying he wanted to counsel her.

According to reports the uncle then asked the girl to accompany him to buy beer at a neighbour’s house, along the way the uncle asked to have sexual intercourse with her and she refused.

This did not go down well with the uncle who started insulting the girl and threatened to kill her if she refused to have sex with him.

The 25-year-old uncle reportedly undressed his niece and raped her once.

The double crimes were reported to the police leading to the arrest of the two men who have since appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Ndhlovu facing two counts of rape.

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