Unemployed Nurses in the country have given President Lazarus Chakwera five days to address their concerns.

Meanwhile, the group of the concerned nurses is holding demonstrations in the capital Lilongwe with an aim of forcing government to recruit 500 community midwifery assistants.

Among other things, the concerned unemployed community midwifery assistants say they want Chakwera to consider directing the creation of special CMAs recruitment budget line in the national budget.

They say majority of CMAs remain unemployed as last interviews were done in January 2016 whose recruitment happened in July 2017.

According to a representative of the group, Clara Pasanje, they want government to recruit at least 500 CMAs as they have been left out for many years.

She said they want an interface with government officials within five days.

Pasanje further challenges the ministries of Health and Local Government to produce a list of all CMAs employed during previous recruitment sessions.

Chakwera has been served with a number of ultimatums from different disgruntled groups which includes students who are demanding the reopening of schools.

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