Nollywood’s Veteran actor, Pete Edochie has endorsed his son and actor, Yul for the Nigeria’s presidency in 2023.

Yul shared the video of the endorsement on his social media handles on Thursday.

In the video, the older Edochie talked about his religious beliefs as a Catholic and the values he grew up with. He also revealed how he instilled those values on his children.

He said, “My values are very strong. I have my own children and they are very strong in that regard too. I am not one to be involved in politics. But you see, not all your children are bound to follow you.

“One of my sons, who incidentally is an actor, has decided that he wants to be a politician. Most of the youngsters have been bugging my phone asking me to endorse my son that they want him as president and l get amused.

“But they keep insisting daddy, we want Yul to be the president of this country. We like him. He is disciplined, sympathetic, he believes a lot in people.

“They have bothered me so much that today, I’m hereby presenting him to you. He has my blessing. He has my endorsement,” He said and started praying for his son.

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