A section of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Eastern Region District Chairpersons wants the party to fire its Region Chairperson (RC) for the east, Samson Kawalazira over what they are calling incompetence.

The concerned Chairpersons have been  holding series of meetings strategizing on how they can strengthen the party in the Eastern Region.

Speaking to Nyanja Online on condition of anonymity one chairperson said they can not allow the party to die in the hands of Kawalazira.

“Yes it is true that we have been holding some meetings to shape the party in here in the Eastern region and one of the major problems we are having is our Regional Chairperson. He is sleeping on his job and we are failing to add numbers in the party,” Said our source.

Adding “Politics is a game of numbers and our DPP counterparts are doing good in the region despite being in opposition so as people who have the love of the party at heart we want Kawalazira out.”

The calls for the head of Kawalazira comes after the party failed to secure a seat in Mangochi West Constituency where MEC held a by election after the high court nullified the 21 May 2019 parliamentary election.

The Mangochi west seat was carried by an independent candidate who was supported by DPP.

In a separate random interviews some six district chairpersons from Zomba, Machinga, Mangochi and Balaka said Kawalazira has to be shown an exit door if the party is to gain momentum in the east.

The district chairpersons also argued that the party can also goof in the upcoming by elections in Zomba Changalume if Kawalazira is still on the seat as he is two sleepy.

Zomba Changalume became vacant after the death of John Chikalimba who succumbed to Covid-19.

In MCP Regional Chairperson is like Regional Governor and District Chairpersons like District Governors in other parties.

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