ZAMBIA  – A 35 year old man of Chipata has beaten and strangled to death his 3 year old daughter after his wife allegedly refused to give him his favourite morning s_x.

“He wanted to have sex for 4 hours every morning but he got annoyed after I suggested 2 hours only”, Woman tells Police.

A woman whose baby was last month found dead in Chipata has alleged that her husband killed the baby, following a marital dispute over morning sex.

Rachael Mbao said her husband, Mathews Njovu 35 had beaten her up and locked her up in the house, before he went on to kill the couple’s baby girl after a disagreement over sex. She explained that her husband had told her not to go out of bed every morning from 04:00hrs to 08:00hrs until he was s_xually satisfied but she objected because of her business which she does from 06:00hrs. The objection angered the man who had taken s_x boosters and ended up punishing the woman by beating and locking her up before killing his 3 year old daughter.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province Police Commissioner Geza Lungu has confirmed police have since launched a man hunt for Mathew Njovu, the alleged killer.

Source: Zambia Accurate


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