State House has warned of tricksters who are using the First lady’s name to defraud Malawians on social media especially facebook.

State House Press Officer Brian Banda has confirmed of the development in a statement released today made available to faceofmalawi.

According to Banda, the unscrupulous individuals have opened an account in the First Lady’s name (Monica Chakwera) and they are soliciting donations from Malawians.

“State House has noted with grave concern that there are some unscrupulous individuals who have opened Facebook accounts in her name and are soliciting donations in her name or her organisation.

“State House would like to put it on record that the First Lady has not commissioned any individual to operate Facebook account and soliciting donations her name or her organisation,” said Banda in the statement.

Added Banda: “Since the creation of the fake Facebook accounts in the First Lady’s name is against the law, the State House has referred the matter to law enforcement agencies for investigation and eventual prosecution of the culprits.”

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