Officers were called on March 18 in connection to the crime after the boy was brought to J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

Chasity Wodzinski

Medics found that Keaton had irreversible head trauma in addition to bruises and cuts on his genitals.

Baby Keaton and his father

He died due to his wounds only a couple of days later.

Baby Keaton and his mother. 

The family members say that Keaton did all of this to himself, according to the Daily Mail.

Keaton and his cousins two weeks before his death. Image: The Sun

Doctors found the child with a 4cm cut to his penis, as well as testicle and thigh wounds.

Keaton two weeks before his death. Image: The Sun

According to Harrison Assistant Prosecutor Gina Snuffer, the boy was also bleeding from his brain and eyes, had bruises around his neck and collarbone as well damage to his ears.

Prosecutors have said that Keaton was tortured for months after the passing of his father Christopher, who died of a drug overdose in the summer of 2019.

Keaton two weeks before his death. Image: The Sun

His mother, Jessica Bishop-Holt reportedly lost custody of Keaton due to drug addiction.

The three accused could face life behind bars if convicted.

Their trials are due on March 1, March 29, and April 19.

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