The State has obtained call logs of Norman Chisale getting in contact with witnesses in the ongoing attempted murder case in Blantyre.

State Lawyer Pilirani Masanjala, disclosed this in Court to substantiate their submissions asking High Court Judge Sylvester Kalembera to revoke Chisale’s bail.

The case started when defence lawyer Chancy Gondwe cross examined lead investigator and State witness, Sergeant Henry Malanje.

However, Gondwe expressed worry that they have been ambushed as the state did not inform the defence that they will bring more witnesses on the bail revocation application.

He also says the State was supposed to make a formal application on the matter, while expressing worry that the bail issue overshadows the main matter at hand.

Judge Kalembera says the State will make formal application on the matter saying, “the Sergeant says he has one more witness to parade.”

The case has since been adjourned to Friday 9am.

Chisale who was bodyguard to former president Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, was arrested in July last year on attempted murder case after shooting a Chimwankhunda woman, Sigele Amman. The incident happened on May 20, 2020.

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