The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services says Tropical Cyclone GUAMBE which is still in Mozambique Channel poses no risk to the country, the department asserts it’s assessment in a statement.

The Department says Tropical Cyclone GUAMBE developed on Wednesday, February 17 2021, at a distance of 900km away south east of Malawi.

“As of Thursday, February 18 2021, the Tropical Cyclone GUAMBE while still in the Mozambique Channel further strengthened and deepened to pressure value or 985 millIbars while at a distance of 700km South East of Nsanje Boma, but 420 km away from Beira.

“The computer models are indicating that Tropical Cyclone GUAMBE is expected to continue travelling south eastwards, while still in the Mozambique Channel, going further away from Malawi while sliding along close to the Mozambique coastline. At the current position, Tropical Cyclone GUAMBE, has no significant impact on Malawi weather,” reads the statement in part.

Meanwhile, Department says it will continue monitoring the Tropical Cyclone and will inform the nation of any of its impacts on Malawi weather accordingly.


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