South Africa National Defence Force soldiers were conducting a standing patrol in the vicinity of the Samora Machel Monument (Macadamia) and recovered two stolen Toyota Hilux bakkies.

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The vehicles were discovered after they became stuck in the mud and the mud and the sound of high revving engines attracted the attention of the patrolling soldiers.

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Upon closer investigation at the scene, more vehicles were discovered.

The soldiers followed the tracks which led them to the discovery of three more vehicles that became stuck about 500m on the Mozambican side of the border fence.

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The three vehicles in Mozambique were recovered by Mozambican soldiers and the help of civilians.

The two vehicles recovered by the SA National Defence Force patrol were handed over to the Tonga SA Police Service for investigation and administration.

May be an image of car and outdoors

Information and Photographs by Lieutenant A.S. Frantz | Joint Tactical Headquarters Mpumalanga.


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