President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera has urged the graduates of Mzuzu to be in the fore front of embracing progressive change by turning their minds towards the study and mastery of the MW2063 vision.

He said this today at the Grand Palace hotel in Mzuzu during the Mzuzu University Virtual 22nd Congregation as he was accompanied by the First Lady, Her Excellency, Madam Monica Chakwera.

During the Ceremony, the President was installed as the 5th Chancellor of Mzuzu University.

The President told the graduates that they are the first cohort of Malawians to graduate from University since the launch of the MW2063 which means they are the first Malawians to graduate into an era of implementing the vision.

“You may have laboured day and night for many months to study books on various subjects and to master various disciplines to get here,
“But in Mzuni’s spirit of embracing progressive change, I call on you to now turn your minds towards the study and mastery of the national vision we share for the future of our country,” He said.

He also encouraged them to study and master the vision not for the purpose of recieving a credential after so doing, but for the purpose of identifying some part of the that vision that they will personally dedicate their life to turn into a reality.

Chakwera also encourages the graduates to embrace change.

“Without embracing change, this University would forever be looking backwards to solve the problems of yesterday, instead of peering into the future we want,” He added.

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