Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church has expressed shock over detention of his instructing attorneys Mr Terrance Baloyi and my legal advisor Mr Alvin Khosa by the Hawks in South Africa.

The two were detained for 8 hours on Monday and were released unconditionally.

In the statement Bushiri said:”On Monday, with deep shock and sadness, I learnt about how the Hawks, for 8-hours, unlawfully detained my instructing attorneys Mr Terrance Baloyi and my legal advisor Mr Alvin Khosa.

“The 8th hour unlawful detention, further, included an officer from the Independent Private Investigation in South Africa. The said Independent Private Investigator is the one I once hired to investigate extortion and blackmain acts against me.”

He added: “It’s shocking to note that after my instructing lawyers and the private investigator who, after being unlawfully kept in custody like convicted criminals, the Senior State Advocates, who issued the alleged warrant of arrests was nowhere to be seen and court officials left with no option but to release my lawyers from custody under the banner of claiming that the police investigation are incomplete yet we know they have been investigating since 2017, worse they proceeded to arrest. Clear malice, torture and harassment to the legal practitioners at its best.

“Though saddened, I am not surprised with this awful detention because it’s just an escalation and intensification of a failed scheme, by certain Hawks officers hell burnt to cover up the dirt I reported against them.”

Bushiri and his wife Mary are wanted in South Africa for fraud and Money laundering charges.

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