By Orchestra Kamanga

The founder and Managing Director of Meat Hub Butchery in Zingwangwa Township in Blantyre has said the erratic of lockdown in South Africa has heavily affected their business sales as countries are banned to do cross- boarder business due to covid-19 scare.

Speaking in an interview, the founder of Meat Hub Butchery Shop Moses Kuweruza attributed the poor sales last year to covid-19 as most countries were on lockdown and boarders were closed to curb the further spread of pandemic.

” We were failing to purchase law materials from other countries due to lockdown. We do buy equipment like Band Saw Blade and others from South Africa and due to the closing of boarders we are failing to buy such things,” he said.

Kuweruza therefore has appealed to banking and lending institutions for mercy by providing Small and Medium Enterprises with loans to boost up their businesses.

” We need loans because we have additional costs of PPEs for covid-19. We buy soap, hand sanitizers and face masks for our customers that are not subsidized  in local markets,” he explained, adding that customers can even contact them for free delivery of products.

The Meat Hub butchery is located along Zingwangwa healthy clinic road in third building and it started five years ago.

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