President Lazarus Chakwera and his vice Saulos Chilima are the first ones to receive the Coronavirus Vaccine which is expected to be arrive in the country tomorrow, March 5, 2021.

Confirming the development government spokesperson Gospel Kazako said the AstraZeneca vaccine which Malawi secured will be in the country on Friday.

“President Lazarus Chakwera and his vice Saulos Chilima are among the first individuals to receive the vaccine alongside religious leaders, Chiefs and Frontline health workers,” Said Kazako.

Kazako also added that teachers who are claiming that they are at risk will also be considered as the first ones to get the jab as government has been trashing demands of the teachers who are demanding coronavirus risk allowance.

Even though the Malawi government has secured the vaccine a number of the country’s population s against the vaccine due to the myths that are coming along with the vaccine.

Others are claiming that it is associated with the mark of the beast which was prophecies in the holy books, the Bible and Qur’an adding that whoever take the vaccine make themselves unholy.

Others are saying that it is a way of depopulating the world as some figures who are deemed to be the ones controlling the world economically have complained.

However, this is not true, the vaccine is aimed at minimizing the spread of the virus which has claimed a lot of lives across the world.

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