Leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has said he does not know how he left South Africa to Malawi where he is answering different charges.

Bushiri said this in an interview with one of the country’s media houses saying he is equally shocked as anyone of how it happened to find his wife and himself in the country.

According to Bushiri, something’s are better off unsaid citing that if a person comes out of a burning house no one cares of how they get out but focus on the fact that the person is alive.

“When a house is burning, and someone comes out of it, you don’t, at first, ask how that person got out. You safeguard that person first.” Bushiri said.

Last year Bushiri and his wife, Mary were arrested on fraud and money laundering charges which saw the couple spending over two week in police custody as the couple was being denied bail.

The couple was later released on bail with conditions that they should not leave the country as they had their travelling documents confiscated.

Just few days after they were released, Bushiri and his wife announced that they had left the Rainbow Nation and that they are in Malawi alleging that they will not face fair trial in South Africa.

Bushiri further alleged that their lives were in danger as on several times they escaped assassinations attempts.

He continued that leaving South Africa does not mean that he is running away from facing justice but rather safeguarding his life and that he wants to be assured that he is safe.

Meanwhile, today, Malawian courts are hearing an extradition case of the prophet and his wife in which South African government issued to have him back in South Africa to face what they call justice.

On the same, some parties in South Africa are against the extradition of Bushiri and his wife as thy marched to Malawian Embassy in South Africa asking the Malawian government to not give up Bushiri.

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