By Orchestra kamanga

As one way of conserving natural resources as geared by government, Malawi Muslims website women group(MWWG) on Saturday donated seedlings for replanting at malabada graveyard.

Speaking after the donation,the coordinator of the grouping, Khadaeja Majaja said they have donated the seedlings for planting in graveyard as Muslims cut trees when ever they want to perform their traditional rituals especially when ones dies.

“As Muslims, when we want to bury the body of the demise person we use trees that are in graveyard hence we are encouraging our fellow Muslims to follow suit to conserve natural resources across the country and restore the lost glory in natural forests in the process,” said Majaja.

Majaja further said they are replanting trees to cover all bare grounds and making sure that next generation should be able to use it.

“As Muslim community our objective is to also assist government’ s effort in conserving natural resources by planting trees where it is necessary” she said.

The coordinator also said a graveyard is a protected area, adding that people should not be forced to look after it.

The grouping started last month to conserve national resources and so far, the faith grouping has planted trees at Bangwe, BCA and Namwalimwe graveyards and they have planted over 3000 trees in each graveyard.

They have since promised to continue with the initiative.

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