Police in Zambia has launched a manhunt for a Malawian in connection with the murder of his fellow Malawian.

Eastern Province police commissioner Geza Lungu said the deceased Charles Phiri and the suspect were working at a farm in Chief Zumwanda’s area in Lumezi district.

Mr Lungu said the deceased was last seen drinking beer with his close friend who is now on the run yesterday.

He said the incident occurred around 16:30 hours yesterday along the Ndundundu road at Kabando stream in Lumezi.

Mr Lungu said Phiri was axed by unknown person and later died at Lumezi mission hospital at 02:14 hours today.

He said Phiri sustained a deep multiple cuts in the head and on the face as well as severe bleeding.

Mr Lungu said a hand axe is alleged to have been used.

He said the body of the deceased has been deposited in Lumezi mission hospital mortuary awaiting postmoterm.

Credit Breeze FM


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