By Orchestra kamanba

As one way of serving people with partial visual impairment, Prakash Thakur has opened the clinic that will help to address visual problems by conducting eye tests and providing glasses at an affordable prices.

Speaking in an interview during the official opening on Wednesday, the consultant optometrist Thakur said the main purpose of having the clinic is to assist people to improve their visual when watching TVs and playing video games.

“Our focus is to reduce eye fatigue from computer Vision syndrome and provide comprehensive eye test,” he said.

He further said the clinic will provide glasses fitting and repairing, vision care and RX sunglasses.

Thakur also clarified that the clinic has a workshop for fixing lenses. They also have latest clinical equipment and has since urged people to patronize the clinic for highly attended solutions.

Classic optical is located near city Plaza in Cash Building in Limbe.

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