Talk about big plans going bad in an instantmak; a Texas man, Eric Dion Warren outdid himself.

Back in June of 2019, an unemployed Eric deviced a plan to get himself a brand new BMW car from a car dealership.

Although he did not have funds to pay for the car, the courts heard that Eric went to the car dealership with intentions of buying the said car.

Upon negotiations with the dealer, Eric requested to get the car for a test drive and went on a 15 minute spin.

But instead of taking an honest test drive, Eric Warren drove to AIM bank in Wolfforth, Texas where he stormed in with a nothing but what is now thought to be a fake handgun, a plastic bag in his face and a written note.

On the note, he inscribed instructions that he handed over to a teller.

He needed $10 000 be handed over to him and the bank workers complied.

He went back to the car dealership minutes later and produced $3 000 from the loot as a down-payment for the car which was then given to him.

But, Eric wasn’t as clever enough during the heist.

In as much as he used a brand new car without plates to rob a bank so not to get noticed, him using the same car again in the same town after buying it was one of his biggest mistakes.

This, coupled with evidence from the note he left back in the bank with his fingerprints all over, made it easy for the police to wrap up the crime scene.

He was found with a pallet gun, and $5 000 from the loot.

Eric was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison over the crime, Business Insider reports.

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