By Robert Kumwenda

Concerned vulnerable Malawians who have not yet received money meant for less privileged under the programme called Malawi National Social Support Programme have asked government to intervene on the matter so that they should also benefit from the funds.

The money was meant to assist less privileged Malawians to help themselves due to the impact of Covid-19.

One of the concerned citizens, Alex Khoza Blantyre resident whose wife was among the people that were registered and has not yet received the money, said he is wondering why other people have received the money yet others have not.

He is suspicious that there could be a foul play in the process of selecting those that were to receive the funds asking that those who have yet received the funds are they vulnerable.

“We are asking government to help us because we are suspicious that maybe the money was stolen or diverted to other things at the expense of poor Malawians,” he said.

Khoza said that there were reports that enough money was sent for everyone to receive for everyone who was registered but it is worrisome that some people are enjoying yet others are suffering.

Another concerned citizen, Domingo Miyamba also a Blantyre resident is of the view that the money was misused sometime back and the process of starting to release it was a result of pressure from people of good will.

He has however, expressed optimism that maybe the money will come in due course as it is reported that it is being distributed in phases.

Miyamba said he believes that those in authorities will intervene to find out the truth because there are a lot of speculations regarding this issue.

Another concerned citizen by the name of caphius Kaimfa also a Blantyre resident said he is jobless and he wanted to use the money to start a small business to support his family.

He said that when he heard that people had started receiving money under MNSSP he was happy as he thought his prayers have been answered by God only to find out money is not coming in his cellphone number.


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