Football is the number one team sport in Africa. The continent is home to a wealth of top-rated clubs that are continually looking to expand.

This article delves into the richest football clubs in Africa. We shall discover some of the names behind the clubs and what their potential is for making a real impact on the world stage.

Africa is home to many football clubs that are rich both financially and in terms of talent. As well as this, Africa has been known to produce footballers that have gone on to great success in other continents. This has been happening for many years now.

But who are the top clubs in Africa? Here are 5 of the most famous – and richest.

Malelodi Sundowns was established as a club in the early1960s. The South African club was originally known as the Sundowns, adding Maleodi when it relocated to the Pretoria town in the 1980s.

With a market value of $11.4 billion, they are a shining example of a club with plenty of potential. Much of this is down to the owner since 2004, Patrice Motsepe, who has made profitable commercial deals for the club.

Ranked as the richest man on the African continent, Motsepe was recently named as the new head of the Confederation of African Football.

Club Africain from Tunisia has a market value of $13.5million. The hugely successful club celebrated its 100th year in 2020.

The Tunis based club has recorded multiple leagues wins and has a strong support across the country.

Kaiser Chiefs are a well-known name in African football.  Set up in 1970, the South African football club was founded by the footballer and now chairman Kaizer Motaung.

The ex-international player made a name for himself in both the South African league and the North American Soccer League.

The famous name and international background of the club has helped to make the club’s current value $11.6mn.

With a whole host of trophies and championships under their belt, the Chiefs are one of the most successful teams in South Africa and the entire continent.

Another team hailing from Tunisia is Espérance Sportive de Tunis. The team won its first domestic league title back in 1942 and have gone on to be a major force in their home league.

Between 1942 and 2019 the cub won 29 domestic league titles, with a recent run of successes in the last four years in a row.

With a current market value of $14million, the Tunisian club nicknamed ‘the Yellow and Red’, has made appearances in FIFA’s World Club Cup.

Al Ahly has been called the most successful club in Africa. Founded in 1907, the Egyptian club was given the title of ‘African club of the century’ in 2000.

With a market value of $21.2million, the club has won 137 official trophies including 113 in Egypt and 20 continental titles.

All of these clubs have a strong potential for becoming even bigger propositions. The clubs could become even more successful with sensible investment in youth players, stadiums, infrastructure and sponsorship.

As African leagues and competitions continue to develop there is every chance that more interest will be taken in the clubs from all over the world.

Indeed, African football already receives plenty of global attention. Partly this is because Africa has offered world football such a high level of gifted players.

Strong evidence of an African influence on football leagues in other parts of the world is supported by the numbers of highly successful African players.

Names such as Jay-Jay Okocha, Samuel Eto’o, George Weah and many more have shown how well African players can adapt to different leagues.

African Influence on Football

African business leaders looking to invest in other leagues have also come under the spotlight recently. The news that Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote has long held an interest in taking over Arsenal FC is an illuminating insight.

Whether a new owner can bolster Arsenal’s current chances will be interesting to consider.

Currently well outside the top places in the Premier League, despite a good run in the Europa League, the team would welcome an influx of new finances. With an online football bet offering a 7/1 chance of them even making the top 6, a fresh approach might well be beneficial.

While African influence on the rest of the football world has never been in doubt, there is plenty of opportunity for investment within the continent itself.

It is no exaggeration to say that teams and clubs that make sound investments in youth work and structural development programs will reap the benefits.

It is a fact that there are more young people in Africa than in any other part of the world. Nigeria alone has more under 14-year-olds than the whole of Europe.

It makes absolute sense to provide for the future by harnessing the potential of young people. In terms of football, that will mean ensuring the league structure is well developed and that players have every opportunity to grow and develop.

The potential for African football has never been stronger. As both clubs and individuals continue to make a big impact, it looks certain that football on the continent will grow in stature and prestige.





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