Atupele Austin Muluzi has said cleared the wind regarding the saying that United Democratic Front (UDF) is not a family entity.

The young Muluzi said this yesterday in the capital Lilongwe during the party’s strategic plan meeting.

Atupele’s remarks were a direct response to claims that UDF belongs to the Muluzi family considering that Bakili Muluzi was the first tor lead the party before Atupele took over.

“If I can offer one observation from the last few years, is that many seem to see the UDF as an entity that belongs to the Muluzi family, meaning it is dependent and not democratic,” Muluzi said.

According to Muluzi UDF was not formed to be dependent adding that the fact that the party successfully led the country for 10 years, it can do so again.

“If we are to govern, then we all need to take greater responsibility of our party  without the full ownership of party members, members who have a political point of view and a proactive desire to serve and to lead, then we cannot expect the electorate to see us as a viable government.” He added.

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