Leader of Enlightened Christina Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has asked his followers to join him in a prayer room praying for his daughter Israella Bushiri who is critically sick.

Bushiri made the call yesterday through his official Facebook page.

“We are having a “Prayer room” as we will be praying for my daughter Israella, who has been battling a lung infection in the ICU for the past two weeks,” Bushiri said.

Israella Bushiri; critically ill

He further added that he believes doctors can treat but it is God who heals hence a move to engage his followers to help him in prayers for the perfect healing of his daughter.

“I, personally, believe doctors can treat – but it is God who heals. I believe my daughter will be perfectly healed, in Jesus name! I believe by His stripes she was healed on the cross,”

He added; “When your attention is on your pain and symptoms; and your mind occupied with them more than it is occupied with God’s Word, you have in the ground the wrong kind of seed for the harvest that you desire. We are looking at God’s word and we desire her healing. I have prayed with many of you and we have seen God healing.”

Bushiri who has been praying for different people across the world, said it is the turn of those he prayed for to help him in prayers praying for his daughter.


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