I work in a certain oil company based out of town. I work as an office messenger as well as a store keeper. My work entails keeping records of things in the store as well as an errand guy. I happen to have this pretty, young lady as my assistant. She just joined recently and I was head
over heels for her I sworn to do whatever it takes to grab her attention.

So one fine morning while at work, I waited for her to arrive and decided to introduce myself. She gave me Amanda as her name and complimented her for how beautiful that name was and I told her mine.

As time went by I decided that it’s time we become more than friends and I asked her out for lunch. One fine day during lunch hours at work, while there I let everything out and poured my heart out. To my surprise she turned me down there and then saying all sort of things, of how I din’t know how to dress as a man and that I had no money.

I became so sad and bitter to myself and had no idea of what to do. So while sitted there I remembered there’s a doctor I heard from a friend. That the doctor called kiwanga was a well known spell caster and does wonders. So I called this friend and asked him to send me the number and he did so.

Later that evening I called him and asked me what my problem was. I explained everything. We planned a meeting on the afternoon and I went to his shrine where he performed his magics and told me to go back to work as normal and told me to ask the girl out once again. So while at
work I asked her out for lunch as usual and told her the same thing I told her the previous day.

I couldn’t imagine what I heard. I thought I was dreaming because she agreed to date me and I was so happy. Right now we’ve dated for two years and we are happy. Thanks to Doctor kiwanga.

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