There is chaos in The Republic Of Congo rights now as the country is in the midst of presidential elections.

According to the publication here are some of the eventualities that are taking place in the Central African country right now:

  1. The largest opposition group, the Pan-African Union for Social Democracy or UPADS, is boycotting the poll.
  2. Critics attacked the elections which are reportedly tilted towards the country’s leader Denis Sassou Nguesso.
  3. Access to the internet and social media was cut hours before polls opened at 7 AM CAT
  4. 77-year-old Sassou Nguesso is expected to win against six contenders
  5. Denis Sassou Nguesso has been in power for 36 years
  6. The elections were marked by police crackdowns on the opposition
  7. Sassou Nguesso said that there is an atmosphere of peace a good sign for our democracy as he cast his vote
  8. The country’s economy is in a slump, hurt by a collapse in world crude oil prices, long-standing debt, and the pandemic, as well as being saddled with a reputation for corruption.
  9. Sassou Nguesso during his campaign focused on agricultural development and portrayed himself as a defender of Congo’s youth

Source: AFP

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