A Kenyan man aged 30 is reported to have killed himself on Monday, March 22 after his wife left him two weeks ago, local publication K24Digital reports.

Kennedy Maero’s body was discovered hanging from a rope tied to the roof of his house on Tuesday morning.

Maero’s mother, Linet Maero, had asked the deceased’s brother to go check on him in his house after it took long for Maero to wake up.

“It was unlike him to wake up late,” said the deceased’s father, Wilfred Maero.

“My son and his wife, 27, had separated two weeks ago following unending marital dispute. Since then, he has been depressed,” said Wilfred.

The deceased’s mother, Linet, recounted her son’s last moments.

“On Monday night (March 22), he took supper with us. He, thereafter, left for his house to sleep. But before he could get into his house, he received a phone call. That was the last time I saw him alive,” said Linet.

Kennedy’s death was confirmed by Buchangu Sub-Location Assistant Chief, Charles Otwisa.

“I am urging young people to embrace counselling when faced with marital problems,” said Otwisa, adding: “Resolving to suicide is not a solution, as it leaves the deceased’s family in long-term grief.”
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