I’ve been with my current employer for many, many years now. Even though I’ve quit a couple of times over the years, I’ve always come back to them. This was my first job when I had just gotten out of campus and I got it through Kiwanga Doctors after a year of a fruitless job search and I have always gone back to them for consultation and checking my luck. My company has an incentive, if an employee comes up with a way to do business better or changes something that has a net benefit to the company, they get a % of the increased revenue/profit.

Over the years with this company I have had a number of major impacts. Well about a year ago I was talking to a senior level manager we shall call Bob. And Bob was telling me about how the company has been having an issue in recruitment and hiring of new talent for our sales division. Now I had been in sales before and knew of the pitfalls our structure created and why senior reps would excel and junior reps would get crushed and had a really good idea on our turnover challenges. Then one night as I was touching my magic ring given to me by Kiwanga Doctors I got an idea on how to change the sales structure of our company. Almost entirely which would still retain our senior representatives but also make it easier for more younger junior representatives to find success and stability by reducing turnover.

After getting the visions from the ring, I went to Kiwanga Doctors to interpret for me and also guide me on what to do next. I spent a good amount of time designing the plan before I ever presented it to anyone. Since this was Bob’s area of expertise, after many revisions and bouncing it around my head and following Kiwanga doctors’ recommendations I called Bob and presented the idea to him. He liked it a lot, however he noted a few minor concerns he brought up which company executives would have. I tweaked the plan and took it back to him. I did this several times, I would say that my plan stayed about 90% original. Bob had been with our company for decades at this point, and I had known him for my entire time so I trusted Bob
would credit me. Considering my name was all over my presentation I sent over to Bob. I expected Bob to share in the love with me should there be any.

I felt like I needed Bob as an ally to make my idea work which is why I had brought him in on my plan. I followed up with Bob and he basically made it seem like my idea had been rejected, that the company was going to keep on doing what it had always done. A few months later, our new financial year is started and our C.E.O called everyone to a company-wide meeting. And as I sat down to watch I witness our C.E.O praise Bob for coming up with a brilliant new sales structure, strategy and compensation plan. I clearly noticed that it was, my plan, with my name removed. The CEO was gushing over how wonderful the idea was and how he thinks it will benefit us greatly. At this point I was pissed that Bob stole my work, put his name on it, and took credit. He had violated my trust and lied to me. He told me the company had rejected the proposal.

I shared it with a friend and told me I should get the help of Kiwanga Doctors that he learnt of from a friend. He gave me the number and I called him. We met the following day and he casted a spell and uttered words I’ve never heard of and told me to go to work as usual and behave normally. Two days passed and immediately the truth was out, and I got promoted to the position I worked hard for.

Many others who have been assisted by Kiwanga Doctors say they have received powerful healing and are now more connected to their fellow lonely hearts. He heals high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, manhood weakness etc. He also solves life problems
including love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck such as winning lottery games and court cases.

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